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Add all the acts in The Double Act - Money for Jam, Cash In Your Content, All Aboard, AND Returning, Referring, and Raving Clients courses to your order for only $297

We might be The Double Act but there’s always room for one more in our spotlight.

And we want you to make the most of this opportunity. Take advantage of our compulsion to bundle and overdeliver!

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Money For Jam + Returning, Referring, and Raving Clients + All Aboard + Cash In Your Content - everything you need to know about Profit Streams, strategy, and copywriting for email marketing basics, onboarding, offboarding, and turning content into cash.

Jump on this showstopping offer to and include all these courses for $297.

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It’s not just 16 modules of incredible content you’ll be getting, it’s also these showstopping bonuses:

Copywriting Swipe File - Nurture Sequence Examples

Copywriting Swipe File - Onboarding Examples

Copywriting Swipe File - Offboarding Examples

Downloadable - Google Doc - Testimonial Template (Fill In The Blanks)

Downloadable - Google Doc - Blogging Structure Guide and Workbook

Downloadable - Google Doc - Writing + Editing Guide

Downloadable - Google Doc - Brand Voice Development Workbook

Canva Template - Welcome Kit

Canva Template - 30 Page eBook Design

Canva Template - 15 Blog Banner Templates

Canva Template - 15 Social Media Promo Templates

Canva Template - 15 Pinterest Pin Templates

Downloadable - 25 Question Ideas To Ask Your Client When Offboarding

Downloadable - 25 Question Ideas To Ask Your Client When Onboarding

Downloadable - Google Doc - Content Planner

Clients pay Lauren $4,500 for strategy work and Jay $3,900 for one email sequence. And still get a return on that investment. For these course, we’ve bundled up the knowledge we share on repeat and packaged it up in this access-anytime platform. Oh, and made it so dang affordable, you’ll be patting yourself on the back the moment you implement the first piece of advice.

Imagine lifetime, click-of-a-button access to smart strategy and highly converting copy tutorials so you can use emails to create falling-in-love relationships (and the ROI that goes with them) and turn your content into cash!

Embrace your inner action-taker and this is what you’ll snaffle up right now